Giveaway Bonus

Giveaway Resources

Give bonuses to help you create and launch your first giveaway

Bonus #1: Prize Picking Spreadsheet: Use this spreadsheet and the instructions provided in Step #1 of the giveaway article to pick a killer prize for your giveaway.

Bonus #2: WordPress Plugin: I use this plugin to host and run my giveaway. It’s made by the team at Appsumo and is called…Giveaways. See below for a tutorial video on how to set it up.

Bonus #3: 50% coupon: Use the discount code “VIDEOFRUIT” at checkout to get 50% off of the Giveaway plugin.

Bonus #4: How to install and setup the Giveaways plugin on your website.

Bonus #5: All 13 strategies I used to promote my giveaway.